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Your personalized Wholesome Experience

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Ibiza 360º was created to provide you with a customized health oriented vacation experience on the White Island.

Experience a little bit of everything, taste what this incredible paradise has to offer while nurturing your body and spirit in the comfort of your own accommodations.


You can have a healthy vacation without having to be confined or restricted to the space and/or schedule of a planned retreat.


I offer

a daily yoga practice,

breath sessions,


a fridge full of juices,

inspirational sessions and talks,


walks in nature,

swims in secret coves,

plus time to go to your favorite restaurants,

have a glass of wine,

go dancing

and everything else.


I will guide you in designing your own experience and you decide the intensity and rhythm of your activities.


We will ensure flexibility to be able to fully enjoy each moment.


Available for couples and groups.