In here I like to tell you who I am and why I do what I do, a place where I explain where Openseat Ibiza comes from, an open heart surgery! :)


proyecto creciendo



 To be fully embodied means to be at one with who we are, including our

physical being, our emotions, our minds and souls.


The illusion of separation is what brings suffering, among each other and within ourselves.


My mind is a beautiful part of me, and yet I cannot always trust her. My body has been a compass and an ally in the process of getting to know myself, trusting my intuition and understanding the world.


Deep knowing comes from direct experience. Fully experiencing requires us to be present in our bodies, and when we inhabit our body, even more deep knowing occurs. 


This is my journey...integration and balance. And I love to share it every step of the way.


When we are embodied, we are connected to our internal rhythms and truths, as well as to external cycles and circumstances. We can relate to others from a place of alignment.


Being fully present is both the tool and the goal.




I have been learning embodiment practices for over fifteen years. 

I lead yoga classes, workshops and retreats in Spain and the U.S. 

I completed my yoga training in Los Angeles, studying Vinyasa  and Therapeutics (Annie Carpenter and Jamin Lieb being my mentors).  


In 2008 I traveled to India to study Lyengar and Ashtanga, and in that sacred land, I understood, a little better, what spirituality and self-love means.


In 2012 I went to The Esalen Institute in Big Sur, CA, for my curiosity, of both the self and the world.


My reality shifted 360 deegres! I fully embarked in the process of grieving my brother´s death and recent separation. I found dear friends, connected back with my sensuality and fall in love with Big Sur.


I am certified in Esalen Massage, practicing also Deep Tissue and energy work.


Certified also as facilitator of Gestalt Awareness Practice by Tribal Ground.  Before my healing journey I studied Economics in the Complutense University in Madrid.


After briefly working in the corporate world, I realized it was NOT for me. I always wanted to try acting so I enrolled in the Cristina Rota theater school where my process of self-discovering, expression and authenticity began.


My masks started to melt, bringing confusion, fear and truth.  I moved to Nyc to study physical theatre and my love affair with the U.S started.I moved to Santa Monica in Los Angeles, where I finished my Yoga training and for over a year I was taking two classes a day!


Loved it sooo much! I cannot describe the bliss and satisfaction that practicing yoga brings into my life.  



I grew up in Madrid. I am the fourth of five siblings and yes, I am the only girl. Which explains so many things in my life journey. I am still working on my femininity, limiting beliefs around being a woman and what is possible for me.


I was a very bright student, a good girl who wanted to achieve something in life and have a different life than my mother (sorry mom), a house wife and mother with no ambitions (that was my story…)

I studied Economics in the Complutense University of Madrid, congratulating myself for never having failed an exam. I understand now that failing is the very essence of the learning process. Now I want to fail every day. 

For me, it means I am stepping out of my comfort zone and not give a f``` about my concerns or what the others think about me.

I want to offer a safe space for EVERYTHING that arises. I have been working for a long time on expanding my capacity so I can hold space for you. Bring it on!! I will be here to validate, encourage and support your process.